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This Scout Drove For Hours To Work In Sports


This is part of our spotlight series on team members at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. Previously, we’ve talked to Division I football players who have continued to make a career out of their sport and how there’s a place for everyone on our team.

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This week, we catch up with Meghan Powell, a softball alumna and scout at NCSA Athletic Recruiting.

Megan, in the last few years you’ve been in Chicago, you always know where to catch the best music. Have you always had a pulse on the city scene?

I guess I sort of have! I grew up in Trenton, MI – which is definitely not a big city – but it’s only about 20 minutes from Detroit, so I’ve always been a city girl, if proximity counts.

Did you grow up in Trenton solo, or do you any siblings?

I have one brother, Shane, who is 23 years old. I was actually the first female Powell in FIVE generations.

That’s a pretty awesome family claim to fame. How’d you live up to the hype in high school?

I did alright. I was a four-year varsity softball player, voted homecoming queen, and total class clown. I went on to play softball at Cornerstone University where I majored in Marketing and had a minor in Theater.

I think all your NCSA teammates would agree: those three accolades are totally spot-on to this day. Topping the list seems to be softball. What’s your greatest memory from playing the game?

Senior year, during one of our last games against my school’s biggest rival from right down the road, it was the bottom of the 7th inning down by one run, two outs, and we had a girl on second base. The other team walked our power hitter to get me up to bat. After strike two, I heard the opposing coach tell the outfielders to move in, and then on that last pitch, BOOM! I hit a rocket way over their heads against the fence in center field, both girls in front of me got across home plate and we won the game.

I actually just got goose bumps. Such an awesome story. I know you went on to play softball in college – is there an athlete, then or now, you look up to?

Melissa “Skeeter” Gentile. She’s currently the head softball coach at Eastern Michigan. She was an All-American at the University of Michigan and was the school’s single season home-run record holder. She was my hitting coach growing up.

Sports has played a big part in your life, so much so that you work in sports here at NCSA every day. How did you get started here?

My college coach told me about NCSA. I wanted the job so bad I drove all the way from Michigan to Chicago to hand deliver my resume. I remember walking in and handing it to Natalie Smith and then just waiting until there was someone that could talk to me about the potential job. I have now been a scout for two years! It has been great being a part of a team again and I have loved watching the company grow. I’m excited to find out what the future holds for me at NCSA.

You’re such a special teammate and rock star scout. What are some other things we should know about you?

Travel is a huge passion of mine. I have been to five different continents and studied abroad for a semester in China while in college. (Notice the Great Wall in my picture.) I was also recently accepted to the Second City Conservatory – which is a really famous improv and theatre school here in Chicago. It will keep me involved in another huge passion of mine!

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