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Why Making Connections With College Coaches Is So Important

The following is a post by Chris Krause, our founder and CEO, who regularly contributes to this blog. Chris played high school football in North Chicago, and received a four-year scholarship to Vanderbilt. He realized that there were other players on his team who were good enough to also play in college, but that they missed out. NCSA Athletic Recruiting is based on the principal that everyone can find a place where they belong and can play their sport in college.

The right connections feel good, and they enhance the meaning and quality of life.

This will never change.

So much of life is about making connections; connections with family, with friends, with new roommates, teammates, classmates; connections with teachers, co-workers, our children. Beyond that, we can feel connected to a song, a city, a house, a pet, a jogging path, or our alma mater.

At NCSA, our team has been built on something we all feel connected to for one reason or another: education and athletics. About 90 percent of our office has their own recruiting story to share with families. This creates an immediate connection with these families, as the recruiting process is such a unique and rare experience. This is powerful stuff – those living our brand and making it their livelihood have been in the shoes of those trusting our brand on their journey through recruitment.

Empowering and educating student-athletes on how to pick the right school for their skills and endeavors, and empowering college coaches with the easiest access and most extensive database to these student-athletes is the ultimate connection; it’s life-changing.

Facilitating such meaningful connections is what makes me so proud to help build the NCSA brand, and is what makes me so excited to look ahead as our Athleadership movement grows.

Intelligent connections are the foundation of our future, not just for us with careers in sports but for any company that wants to survive.

“The future is built on more intelligent connections,” Drew Ormrod, Ogilvy’s worldwide account director, told Fast Company.

The chance to make powerful connections with student-athletes and their families is the base I founded NCSA on, and it’s the reason our team shows up with all they’ve got every day of the week. Thank you for allowing us to live out our passion of education and sports through you.

We want to help you make that special connection with a coach who’ll help you become the best athlete you can be. Get started with a recruiting profile.

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