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Aaron Rodgers Dominated Jeopardy. You Should Dominate the NCAA Eligibility Center Requirements. Duh.

aaron rodgers preps for a snap like college-bound athletes prep for NCAA eligibility center regulations

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No matter what team or quarterback you root for in the fall, seeing Aaron Rodgers dominate Celebrity Jeopardy was definitely a highlight this week.

I especially loved his Mr. Rogers-style sweater.

With some pretty impressive correct answers, Rodgers shows student-athletes everywhere you can’t become a championship quarterback and franchise player without a lot of character and class, and some brains in your head.

Here’s the full list of his correct answers, in case you wanted some extra brain knowledge.

You have to work to get to the top of your game.

One of the coolest aspects of Aaron Rodger? He didn’t start on top.

Aaron started at Butte Community College in Oroville, California where he worked hard at school and football and was eventually offered an athletic scholarship to UC Berkeley. Aaron was then projected to go first in the 2005 NFL Draft, only to eventually go as the 24th pick to the Green Bay Packers.

This interview with E:60 is a bit of an oldie (it’s from 2011) but has some interesting information about Aaron’s background.

“Far too much weight is put into your height, your weight, your 40-time, your bench press. The things you can’t measure: your character, your confidence, your mental toughness, your physical toughness, not as much weight is put into that. And fortunately enough I was able to fly under the radar. I think it’s the best thing that’s happened to me.” –Aaron Rodgers to E:60

Has Aaron’s path always been easy?

No, it doesn’t seem so.

But he’s worked his way to some serious success.

How are you working to get on top?

So what about you? Are you staying as sharp in the classroom as you are on the field? Are you rounding out your school year Aaron-Rodgers-Celebrity-Jeopardy!-style or is there some room for improvement?

As you take on all the fun that summer has to offer, make sure you’re working out an academic plan for next year that keeps you in line with the many NCAA eligibility requirements. College coaches aren’t just looking at GPA, ACT and SAT scores – your core course schedule is just as important.

Don’t let an error in picking classes make you ineligible for recruitment. We’ve compiled some of the top requirements about the NCAA Eligibility Center (once called the NCAA Clearinghouse).

Who knows: maybe we’ll be seeing you on Celebrity Jeopardy someday?

Still confused about the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements? Our scouts can help. Get started with a recruiting profile today.

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