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10 Moments Athletes Can Relate To

senior student-athletes laugh with each other during their recruiting journey

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We help athletes in 29 different sports, and even though we think it’s pretty cool to be a multi-sport athlete, we know there are a lot of times when you’ll say something about your sport that other athletes just don’t even understand. (One of my favorite cross country shirts was just a line of text: “My sport is your sport’s punishment.”)

But for every difference we have between our sports, there are hundreds of similarities student-athletes have that other students don’t. (Maybe the “dumb jock” stereotype is just a way for them to express their envy. :D) In any case, there are some moments athletes can relate to. Here are ten of them.

1. When you have homework in almost every class due tomorrow, and a test in the two classes you didn’t have homework in…and at the last minute the stars and planets align, a thunderstorm erupts, and practice is cancelled.

2. When you have to put a sweaty jersey back on for the next game in your tournament.

3. When you go for a run with a brand new playlist:

4. When you get home from a 3hr practice and your Mom made your favorite meal for dinner.

5. When coach makes you re-line the field between two-a-days and you don’t have enough time left to go home and nap.

6. When your teammate gets the new cleats you told her you wanted.

7. When your parents recap the game the entire car ride home.

8. When you finally get a water break at camp like two hours after you first felt thirsty.

9. When your NCSA profile gets its first college coach view.

10. When you put pen to paper on Signing Day

You know who else gets what athletes are going through? Our scouts, most of whom are former college athletes themselves. Get started with a recruiting profile.

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Laura Chmiel

Laura Chmiel is a marketing coordinator and a lead writer for NCSA Athletic Recruiting. As someone with a passion for athletics and education, she graduated from Indiana university with a B.S. in Elementary Education. After school, she gained first-hand experience helping student-athletes and their families get to college.