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What It Takes To Be A Committed College Athlete

At the risk of stating the obvious, summertime has a tendency to feel pretty carefree.

Even with various activities on the docket, there’s still a relaxing aura about the months that make up summer. That’s probably why most student-athletes think of it as their favorite time of year.

While we’ve been offering up many pointers over the past couple of weeks on how student-athletes can stay on track this summer, we want to take some time to address something that can feel tough during this season of fun and sun: the importance of honoring commitments.

Stay Committed to Your Team

Whether it’s your actual coach running practice or a team captain running conditioning, live up to your commitment to your team this summer.

Many of you will be playing on club teams. Be the best you can be for your club team, and also use the time and experience with them to get better for your school team.

Show up early, stay as late as necessary, and continue your good habits from the school year, (or use your summer ball to create good habits if this is an area you have been struggling in).

Remember your decisions off the field effect your teammates, too. Don’t let the excitement of summer lure you away from the commitment you’ve made to your team and coaches.

Stay Committed to Your Employer

Many of you are prepping to start a summer job or internship, and our hats go off to you! Juggling your sport while trying to earn some extra money or build your resume and gain valuable experience is not easy. It’s downright tough.

However, if you’ve been hired for a job or internship this summer, I urge you to look at it from a position of total gratitude. Who knows how many people got the call that they didn’t get the job because you did. Treat this opportunity with respect.

No matter how hard some days may seem, arrive on time, and see your commitment through to the very last minute you agreed to. If something pops up, communicate about it, just as you would to make sure your absences from school are excused.

You will learn a lot about yourself, and will make yourself that much more marketable for future endeavors by leaving a lasting impression.

Stay Committed to College Coaches

By now you should have some plans in place for advancing your college recruitment over the summer, and we’re hoping a major part of that plan is reaching out to college coaches and programs.

Being a committed college athlete starts by sticking to your recruiting path and to the word you give college coaches could not be more important when it comes to getting ahead this summer. If you agreed to follow-up with a coach at a later date, committed to sending an updated report card or transcript to him or her, or even committed to getting faster or stronger before the fall, take that commitment seriously and do what you said you would do.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression; a college coach is the last person you want to leave waiting in the wings or questioning your word.

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