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How Can Athletes Stay Motivated This Summer?

athletes stay motivated through yoga and meditation

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Being a student-athlete is hard.

Let me just reiterate how much I totally get that.

Even in the summer months, being a student-athlete still means many commitments, much work and prep to do for next year, weekly workouts, practices, and games, all while trying to best manage your time, and all coming along with a physical toll on the body.

As far as basics go when it comes to juggling all of the above, I’m a huge advocate for keeping a weekly written schedule with tasks, goals, and events going on for the next seven days.

Personally, I thrive on a plan (with wiggle room!), and meet goals and objectives once I’ve physically written them down and given myself a deadline. It’s something I learned to do as a young student-athlete, and is something that has been part of my personal success on a team and in life ever since.

How can athletes stay motivated to get work done this summer?

So what happens when the problem isn’t organizing your to-do list, but in getting it over the “done” pile?

For many student-athletes, the key lies in getting motivated, (and the same goes for us former student-athletes, too!).

It seems like the carrot at the end of the task or commitment should be motivator enough – the more you work, the bigger the paycheck, the better you do in the gym, the better 40-time or vertical, the more open gyms you show up to, the more likely you coach will take notice – but sometimes, even the most positive aspects of putting in the work simply aren’t enough to get us moving, (and moving with a good attitude).

I’d like to share with you something short, easy, and 100% free that has impacted my life more than I ever imagined it would.

Stay motivated like college stars and professional athletes do.

It’s something I learned from reading up on how collegiate and pro athletes self-motivate: morning messages or mantras. Reading and/or reciting a strong, powerful mantra every morning to get hyped for the day ahead and to attack literally any task, challenge, or just your regular routine.

There are millions of mantras out there. I’ve compiled eight of my favorites for student-athletes below, but your own personal mantra can be literally anything that effects you positively and keeps you personally persevering. First thing in the morning is the best time to set your mantra or intention for the day, and then simply repeat as necessary – at school, at work, throughout a workout.

You’ve got this!

Eight Starter Mantras for Student-Athletes

  1. I am stronger than I know.
  2. Breathe, believe, and battle.
  3. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  4. Why not me? Why not now?
  5. I can persevere through anything.
  6. Define yourself today.
  7. All you can do is your best.
  8. Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

For more tips on how athletes stay motivated this summer — and beyond — just connect with one of our scouts. Get started with a recruiting profile.

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Laura Chmiel

Laura Chmiel is a marketing coordinator and a lead writer for NCSA Athletic Recruiting. As someone with a passion for athletics and education, she graduated from Indiana university with a B.S. in Elementary Education. After school, she gained first-hand experience helping student-athletes and their families get to college.