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Who is the Most Dedicated in the Off-Season? [Social Media Roundup]


Although even spring sports are coming to a close, there’s no reason to skip your workouts and work toward being the best athlete you can be. Staying dedicated in the off-season will help you keep on top of your training and your journey to playing in college.

And help you achieve your dreams.

In-season or out-, we’re always here to help.

Last time, we asked you to share how you’re pushing yourself this off-season.

And we’re proud to announce the winning submission.

Nick Orton, a 2016 cornerback from West Ferris Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario, impressed us with how dedicated in the off-season he has been. Here’s what Nick had to say that impressed us:

This off-season I have dedicated myself to training like never before, and pushing my teammates to do the same. on a personal level I am training 8-10 times a week, always pushing to be bigger, faster and stronger. On top of this, as a teammate and captain I have invited any and all Trojan football players to join me, even going as far as offering my time to my coaches so they wouldn’t have to do as much.

Trojan football is everything to me and I have been doing everything in my power to protect the integrity, legacy, and tradition of Trojan football, and at the same time creating the best version of myself, to better myself and my team.

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