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11 NCSA Athletes in the NCAA College World Series

team cheering at the ncaa college world series

(Cheering at the 2010 NCAA College World Series. Flickr – White & Blue Review)

The following is a post by Jason Smith, a head baseball recruiting coach at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. Jason, a former college baseball player himself, coached at all three divisions of plya in the NCAA, and is a regular contributor to this blog. You can follow Jason on Twitter @NCSAJason or on Facebook for more recruiting tips.

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As a former college baseball player and college baseball coach, the NCAA College World Series is always a “must watch” event. But this year I’ll be watching extra close for 11 specific reasons.

There are currently 11 former NCSA student-athletes who completed the “Road to Omaha” and will compete on college baseball’s highest stage starting this Saturday. It is humbling to think that we at NCSA were able to play a role in their recruiting process and they turned it into an opportunity of a lifetime.




Cal State Fullerton

Dakota Wix


Collin Strall


Justin Novak


Daniel Epstein

There are role players, middle of the order hitters, Freshman All-Americans, TCU’s all-time leader in games played (241), and 2015 MLB Draft selections on this list.

But not too long ago they were working through the recruiting process like many of you reading this blog. Keep an eye on these student-athletes on ESPN over the next two weeks. They will be living the dream.

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