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How College Coaches Can Find Recruits And Maximize Summer Recruiting

A common question we’ve heard from families this June is how to make the most of the summer for their recruiting.

Between summer camps, showcases, combines, summer school and vacation, young athletes have plenty of options when it comes to how they spend the warmer months of the year.

But for college coaches, summer can bring a lot of opportunities as well. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your summer recruiting:

Find Potential Prospects at Camps

Whether it is run through your athletic department, run by a local organization or team, or is a personal project, summer camps are a great way to identify talent that may not have surfaced other ways.

For some programs, treating summer camps as a “feeder” system for future rosters could be a great source of identifying talent and also provide coaches with an opportunity to build loyalty with athletes and their families.

Summer camps also provide coaches with the opportunity to identify the “intangibles” within potential prospects.

“Use summer camps to identify talent and judge the ‘intangibles’ of recruits’ character.” Tweet this! Tweet:

Is the athlete coachable? Are they natural fits for leadership roles? Are they competitive within stressful situations? These types of questions could be answered through a well-structured camp, where you can see how potential recruits interact with each other and your staff, in addition to evaluating sport-specific skill sets.

Update Your Recruiting Skills

There are a multitude of educational opportunities that present themselves in the summer months for college coaches. We highly recommend the NCRC hosted by Dan Tudor. While the actual event has already occurred, you can still register for access to all of the archived videos.

Conferences like the NCRC have brilliant speakers and other current coaches come together to discuss the current recruiting landscape. They are a great way to network and learn from each other.

Engage Your Current Players

If you have athletes on your roster, you have brand ambassadors for your program. The athletes you coach every day have the ability to speak highly about your program and are very much in-tune with what your current needs might be for the overall success of the program.

“If you have athletes on your roster, you have brand ambassadors for your program.” Tweet this! Tweet:

Maintain contact with them throughout the summer, within NCAA regulations, and check in to see if they have identified a local recruit, know of an old teammate interested in transferring, or found any other potential sources for new recruits.

Take the Show on the Road

With the latest Google update placing an important focus on the mobile experience, many apps have now updated to give users a better experience on their phones. Knowing that much of recruiting happens on the road, NCSA also recently improved their mobile experience for coaches. The full Coach RMS is now fully responsive and will adjust whether you’re on your desktop, tablet or phone.

So if you find out about a recruit but happen to be at the beach, you can still add that prospect to your Recruiting Boards and revisit their profile when you’re back at the office. Check out more about the profile updates.

These are just a few quick tips for making the most of recruiting going into the summer – make sure to log-in and get ahead this summer!

Recruiting should be easy. Get the most out of your time by finding recruits that suit your program’s needs, all in one place. Get started today.

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