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Top 10 Tips To Get a Football Scholarship

player realizes which was the right football camp for him

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The following post is by Chris Burget, a head football scout at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, who regularly contributes to our blog. Chris played football at the University of Arizona, where he received a full scholarship. You can also find Chris on Twitter @Coach_Chris99.

By this point in your recruiting journey, you know that the athletic recruiting process has changed — and continues to change every year, and almost every month. With so many ways to see what a recruit acts like in their digital profile or through their online videos, a lot of recruiting can be done online.

But there are still 10 tips to get a football scholarship that were true when I got to play, and just as true for you here.

Chris and other football scouts are always here to give you more tips and tricks so you can play at the next level. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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Andy McKernan is the content strategist at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. A content marketer with a background in creative writing, Andy brings several years of experience to NCSA.