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Top Plays of the Week: July 13-17

top plays of the week highlighted by ncsa video editors

Our video editors, who can help you edit your highlight video so college coaches can see how you play, are often astounded by the great plays they see on a weekly basis.

Here are the top plays of the week they saw as they helped student-athletes just like you get their videos ready for college coaches.

The Top Plays of the Week: July 13-17

Congratulations to these star athletes! Interested in learning more about any of the players you saw in this week’s video? Check out their profiles:

Jonathan Hevalow

Class: 2016
Sport: Men’s Basketball
School: Atlantic Christian High School
Hometown: Sicklerville, New Jersey

Tyler Hines

Class: 2016
Sport: Football
School: Providence Grove High School
Hometown: Randleman, North Carolina

Richard Herrera

Class: 2015
Sport: Football
School: Fort Morgan High School
Hometown: Fort Morgan, Colorado

Kendall Cross

Class: 2018
Sport: Softball
School: Friendswood High School
Hometown: Friendswood, Texas

George Patrick

Class: 2016
Sport: Men’s Track
School: Brentwood Academy
Hometown: Brentwood, Tennessee

George’s stand out performances continued this week in Cali, Colombia, where he placed fourth in the men’s decathlon at the World Youth Meet. Many congratulations from everyone at NCSA to this 6-star decathlete!

Bonus Play of the Week

There were so many great plays this week that it was tough for us to narrow it down. Here’s one more for you to check out:

Kuvon Tucker

Class: 2016
Sport: Football
School: Grosse Ile High School
Hometown: Grosse Ile, Michigan

Hoping to get featured in a future top plays of the week? Our video editors will be on the lookout for the next star athletes. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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