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Using Social Media To Help Young Athletes

The following is a post by Chris Burget, a head scout at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, who regularly contributes to our blog, as well as his own blog. Find his thoughts on the lifelong lessons he learned from his coach and his top tips to get a football scholarship on his blog.

Chris played football at the University of Arizona, where he received a full scholarship. You can also find Chris on Twitter @Coach_Chris99. You can talk to Chris and other football scouts about your football recruiting process and how you can maximize your chances of getting a football scholarship.

Since 2009 I have been using social media, yet the power of Twitter has never been more apparent than now. Recently, I joined NCSA as a Head Football Scout. In this new age, where we’re more connected through social media than ever before, I’m able to use my Twitter and social media connections as a way to reach out and help young athletes.

My goal is to help young athletes match their athletic dreams with college scholarships.

Through Twitter, I received an urgent direct message from Theron, a high school graduate who still had aspirations of playing football.

Unfortunately, this young man’s college opportunities were bleak due to limited finances. In addition, his parents were urging him to exchange his dreams of playing college football for joining the military.

When speaking with Theron, I learned more about his situation. Theron is a talented player with good character, and a big heart. His Hudl video alone proved that.

But I realized that Theron’s family did not have the financial means to afford college, nor the tools and resources a recruiting profile with NCSA Athletic Recruiting could provide. I felt like Theron deserved a chance, and I didn’t want him to give up on his dreams.

We need to help young athletes like Theron.

Determined, I went ahead and enrolled Theron in the NCSA system with the help of our Scout, Peter Repasey. From there, Theron was evaluated by the NCSA Athleadership Grant team. Theron was awarded an NCSA grant, sponsored by the NFL Players Association, that immediately connected him with college coaches.

I am happy to report that in just one month’s time, Theron received a scholarship to play football at a community college in Iowa.

The power of one tweet can truly change lives. Congrats to Theron and thank you to team NCSA for helping make dreams a reality.

Do you need help to find the right place to play your sport in college? Scouts like Chris can help. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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