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Vote For The Top Plays Of The Week: August 3-August 7

top plays of the week highlighted by ncsa video editors

Our video editors, who can help you edit your highlight video so college coaches can see how you play, are often astounded by the great plays they see on a weekly basis.

Here are the top plays of the week they saw as they helped student-athletes just like you get their videos ready for college coaches.

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Interested in learning more about any of the athletes who starred in the top plays of the week? Check out their profiles:

Gianni Cognata

Class: 2016
Sport: Men’s Soccer
School: Cape Coral High School
Hometown: Cape Coral, Florida



Dennis Hicks

Class: 2016
Sport: Men’s Track & Field
School: Liberty High School
Hometown: Bakersfield, California


Halli Henninger

Class: 2018
Sport: Women’s Volleyball
School: Brentwood Academy
Hometown: Brentwood, Tennessee



Brandon Quan

Class: 2017
Sport: Men’s Soccer
School: Los Alamitos High School
Hometown: Seal Beach, California



Trey Jones

Class: 2016
Sport: Men’s Basketball
School: Destrehan High School
Hometown: Destrehan, Louisiana



Alexis Artiago

Class: 2017
Sport: Women’s Volleyball
School: Lakewood High School
Hometown: Lakewood, California


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