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What’s Your Why? Overcoming Adversity To Achieve Greatness

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The following is a post by Chris Burget, a head scout at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, who regularly contributes to our blog, as well as his own at Coach Chris on Twitter. Chris played football at the University of Arizona, where he received a full scholarship. You can also find Chris on Twitter @Coach_Chris99. You can talk to Chris and other football scouts about your football recruiting process and how you can maximize your chances of getting a football scholarship.

Life is about waking up with a dream and a vision to do something great. Everyday kids around world have dreams of playing sports, working and just getting through life. We all will face adversity in our life and the key is how we overcome it through resilency and have the intestinal fortitude to never give up.

What’s your why?

As a head scout for NCSA Athletic Recruiting working with student-athletes on a daily basis, I have the great fortune of listening to student-athletes tell me what they love about playing sports.

The stories that come out pull at my heart strings as I hear story after story of getting back after you’ve been knocked down and how young student-athletes deal with life’s challenges.

At some point, we will all overcome adversity. Having a strong “why” with dreams and goals of greatness will help offset the greatest challenges we can ever experience.

I’m no stranger to overcoming adversity.

For me, my why was not giving up on my dream of being the best I could be.

For me, one play ended my career over thirty years ago. Overcoming seventeen surgeries to the same knee that included seven knee replacement surgeries has been challenging but in the end my passion for sports and helping others have helped guide me and keep life in perspective.

We make a choice everyday we wake up. We can choose our attitude and make it a great day or we can choose an attitude that is negative. Below is the most powerful video I have seen that puts life in perspective when we are dealt a hard blow. Do not give up, work harder then ever and go through life with a strong passion to achieve greatness in the things you love.

What’s your why? Chris, our other scouts, and college coaches want to know. The best way to tell them is by starting an athletic recruiting profile.

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