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This Baseball Recruiting Expert Describes His Recruiting Process

davide harris, baseball recruiting expert, describes his recruiting process

Everyone who works at NCSA Athletic Recruiting believes in the transformative power of sport. With more than 450 former college athletes and coaches on staff, we’ve lived it. And now, team members like Davide Harris, a baseball recruiting expert and baseball recruiting coach, are telling their stories in the hopes of inspiring you in your recruiting journey too.

As is true for many student-athletes, Davide found the recruiting process a complicated beast to tackle. “I didn’t really know what to do,” Davide says. “I didn’t have anyone to guide me.”

“I knew someone from my high school who was a player at Lawrence and said it might be a good fit for me,” he says.

And once he got to Lawrence — where he was able to play right away — he found his niche. “Being a small school, it was pretty tightly knit,” he says.

Watch the video below to see Davide tell his story about the lessons he learned as a college baseball player at Lawrence University.

“The recruiting process can be a long process at times. In general, I think patience is a hard thing to come by — for me as well. But it’s necessary in the recruiting process because you’ll never know where your options lie,” he says.

“Being open and being patient are two things that are up at the top in life in general. If you’re open to different possibilities you’ll be able to cut that down and find the best one for you.”

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