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A Football Recruiting Expert Shares How He Took His Team to Conference Championships

football recruiting expert joe leccesi

With more than 450 former college athletes and coaches on staff, we have a range of perspectives on the recruiting process. But it’s even more interesting to hear a football recruiting expert like Joe Leccesi, head football recruiting coach at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, describe how he went from being ill-informed about the recruiting process, to playing and succeeding as a college athlete, to coaching football players through a college program.

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“I had no clue what I was doing in the recruiting process. I got a lot of general mail, went to a lot of camps that I was invited to by the coaches through the mail,” Joe says. “I never got a lot of personal correspondence until I got to those camps and really heard, you know, ‘You’re a little undersized. You’re not 6’4″. That’s what we’re looking for.'”

“I had to reconvene and figure out what I was looking for in the recruiting process.”

“Winning is fun. Being around the program and seeing it go from not winning a conference championship to winning a conference championship, graduating and then coaching, and then winning another national championship in 2011 brings in the hard work and dedication my teammates and I put in,” he says.

Watch Joe Leccesi describe his football recruiting expertise

“You can coach and teach and put together the game plan but you’ve got to have the players who can execute it.”

“The reality is that not everybody’s going to get to play at their dream school,” Joe says. “That’s something that I chased for way too long in my recruiting process.”

Take a step back from your dream school. You’ll open up many more doors in your recruiting.

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