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Say it with me: The recruiting process is confusing.

It is.

There are specific guidelines for your sport, and for the level at which you want to compete. We totally get it.

Even working for NCSA Athletic Recruiting, I find myself turning to the recruiting experts who work as scouts and coaches for us to make sure I understand the intricacies of the NCAA’s regulations when I want to write a post to help you understand the rules.

And that confusion works both ways.

On the one hand, we’re always wondering whether we’re the right fit for a school athletically, academically or socially, or how to be best prepared for playing at a certain level, or how to talk to coaches.

But on the other hand, it’s hard to gauge your level of recruitment. We recently wrote about how to understand what it means when a college coach contacts you. But there’s a lot more that goes into the recruiting process between today, and the day when you get to say, “I signed today.”

And in that time, many recruits still ask: Am I being recruited?

I think this will help demystify the process.

Download a free chapter of Athletes Wanted to discover more about college recruiting, like

  • The five things you need to know to open the doors to a college opportunity
  • The common misconceptions — or “myths” — associated with each of these five things, and the reality instead
  • What schools many of the best recruiting packages come from
  • How to decide which level of recruitment fits your current status: Are you heavily recruited, seriously recruited, moderately recruited, lightly recruited or not at all recruited

Download the free guide

Our scouts can also help you understand your level of recruitment. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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