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Find the Right Financial Aid Opportunities for Athletes

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While we’re all looking out for the golden ticket of a full-ride athletic scholarship, there are so many other financial aid opportunities for athletes that it’s important to keep track of all of your options.

Using a financial aid checklist to make sure you apply for every possible source of aid, much like casting your net wide to find the right school, will ensure that you maximize the total amount of scholarships and aid you receive — and minimize the amount of debt you take on.

Our friends at Admitster, the college admissions experts, recently wrote a post on the various kinds of financial aid student-athletes should apply for.

Your choice in school should match your financial aid opportunities

“No matter how much of a good fit a school is academically, physically and socially, it should also fit financially,” Admitster writes. “While you won’t know the exact cost of college until you go through the entire financial aid process, you can use different resources, get an idea of what attendance at specific schools will cost.”

Make sure a school fits you academically, athletically, socially and financially.

Financial aid opportunities require paperwork

Know the deadlines, and get your paperwork in on time. “Once you have an idea of whether you are applying early decision, early action, via rolling admissions, or regular decision, you can then determine when you’ll need to complete the appropriate financial aid forms,” Admitster writes.

“The schools you’re applying to will also determine the type of financial aid forms you will need to complete; the majority of schools require the FAFSA and a select number of private schools require the CSS Profile.”

Always look for more financial aid opportunities

In addition to the scholarships for demonstrated financial need or merit your school might provide, look for organizations and charitable groups in your local community that offer scholarship sources. There are multiple ways savvy families can maximize their aid or even negotiate for additional financial aid, as long as they stay on top of the process.

Keep reading about financial aid opportunities for athletes.

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