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NCSA Athletic Recruiting Recognized Among Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago

We’re proud to announce that Built in Chicago recently named NCSA Athletic Recruiting one of the top digital companies in Chicago.

We talk a lot about our scouts and recruiting experts because there are more than 450 former college and professional athletes who share their advice with families every day. But more importantly, our digital platform allows millions of interactions between student-athletes and college coaches 24/7.

For us, this amazing recognition reflects how efforts to contsntatly improve and evolve to stay ahead and continue to help athletes find the right place to play their sport, and simplify the recruiting search process for college coaches.

Built in Chicago’s Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago list shows just how much of an impact technology has on our daily lives, and the incredible opportunities in sports and higher education it has afforded our student-athletes, and the real-time database of qualified players for our college coaches.

And it impacts the economy in real ways, like Mayor Rahm Emanuel told Built in Chicago: “Digital technology companies are continuing to grow and expand in the City of Chicago. The remarkable growth we are seeing with these innovative companies means more jobs today and an even stronger economic future.”

To be on this list and surrounded by incredibly impactful global companies like LinkedIn, Uber, and Google is not only exciting for our team, but speaks volumes about where we stand in the realm of using technology to help make the world a better – and easier- place to live in, and that begins with our student-athletes, their families, and college coaches.

“I’m so proud of our teams,” Andrea Emmons, vice president of product development at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, said. “NCSA continues to emerge as a tech player in Chicago, and I know we’ll continue to move up this list as we continue refine our products.”

We’re always looking for passionate and talented individuals to join our team.

And if you’re still looking for the right place to play your sport in college, let this ranking give you confidence that our digital platform is the right place to put your athletic resume and meet college coaches. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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