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You Need To Have a Work Ethic That Matches Your Talents

Simone Biles in 2014 (via ESPNW)

The United States had a lot to be proud of in the world of sports over the weekend. Simone Biles made gymnastics history when she won her third straight world championship in the all-around competition, becoming the most decorated women’s gymnast of all-time.

She even has her own move named after her, which she performed during her floor routine in the 2013 Artistic worlds:


At the age of 18, this is an incredible feat. It’s also something student-athletes everywhere should be paying attention to.

You need to have a work ethic that matches your talents

So you might not have three world championships under your belt. Working and preparing to play at the next level takes a little bit of everything Simone has mastered.

She put school first.

While Simone opted to home school her high school years in order to be able to travel and compete, finishing her degree on time was non-negotiable for her. And she has now committed to attend UCLA in order to fulfill another dream outside of gymnastics: becoming a college student.

Now, for all student-athletes, school is pretty much a requirement, and Simone could have done it differently. But she decided her high school diploma – and the opportunity to go earn a college degree – had to be prioritized while chasing her dreams in the world of gymnastics.

Savor your high school years.

They only come once. Although leaving for college someday is a really exciting thought, and may feel far away right now, high school is going to fly by.

Appreciate your education and the door that diploma is opening for you.

She trains hard.

This may be an obvious understatement, but Simone didn’t develop her unparalleled skill, style, and technique overnight.

This 4’9” spark plug spends about 32 hours a week in the gym. And as student-athletes, we know you can relate.

Simone is further proof that it’s impossible to achieve dreams at any level without putting in the hard work, and without a lot of sweat.

Next time you hit the mat, pool, or the practice field think of how lucky you are to get to train. To get to do what you love. To push your body further then you ever knew possible.

A tough workout is nothing short of a blessing. Honor your gifts by making the most of the opportunity to get better every day.

She has fun.

When we get down to it, there is one thing to remember about your journey as a student-athlete, and something Simone Biles is known for believing: it’s all for nothing if you’re not having fun.

With a self-described, “funny, happy, smiley, giggly” gymnastics style, Simone is living her life to the fullest with an attitude to match. For those times as a student-athlete when things just seem a little overwhelming, try and channel the fun of school and sport.

It’s what got you started in the first place; it can’t be the first thing to go.

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