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Top Tips For Lacrosse Players To Get Recruited This Fall

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No matter what your position, the sport of lacrosse is an intense one.

It’s also one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. growing at a rapid rate at the youth and high school level means more and more college lacrosse programs are being formed and funded.

Which means great news for those aspiring to play at the next level: more and more scholarship opportunities are becoming available for lacrosse student-athletes.

So here are the top tips for lacrosse players to get recruited this fall

While the high school lacrosse season is traditionally played as a spring sport, now is a great time to be working hard, particularly at the club level.

And I don’t just mean working at your stick game. Get a recruiting game plan together when it comes to contacting college coaches and programs.

As someone who addresses this topic all day long with student-athletes and their families, head lacrosse recruiting coach Jesse Churchward shares,

“Use this open period as motivation to begin considering what schools appeal to you and to find the right fit. If this is your senior year, you do need to begin to feel a serious sense of urgency with your high school season quickly approaching. Now is the time to start making progress on your top options, scheduling visits, and completing applications to those schools.”

Learn more about the high school lacrosse process here.

How lacrosse players can increase their chances to get recruited

So what are college lacrosse coaches looking for as they recruit and vie to fill roster spots for upcoming graduation years?

In a recent article from Lacrosse Magazine, when Division I college coaches from across the country were interviewed about what they look for in lacrosse student-athletes, one trait summed it all up: a well-rounded person and player.

Go read the article; it’s chalk full of tips straight from coaches’ lips about what will help lacrosse players get recruited. Some that stuck out to me included:

  • competing in as many sports as possible
  • getting out and focusing on the game
  • having fun with the sport – playing catch, setting up pickup games with friends
  • actively learning at camps, clinics and practice

And I really liked this thought from Sarah Albrecht at the University of New Hampshire:

“Learn as much as you can,” Albrecht told Lacrosse Magazine. “Go to camps, clinics and don’t be afraid to try things, fail and try them again.”

“Every great player has learned to make failure a positive experience by learning and making that skill better. Never shy away from a challenge. A player, no matter how good, can always get better.”

Failing is okay; it’s what makes us better.

These are important things to remember for student-athletes of all sports, but in a sport growing as rapidly as lacrosse, especially great reminders for those heading out onto the pitch.

Our scouts and digital platform can help high school lacrosse players to get recruited. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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