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Check Out How Kristin Heidloff Found The Right Women’s Basketball Match At Georgetown

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Everyone who works at NCSA Athletic Recruiting believes in the transformative power of sport. With more than 450 former college athletes and coaches on staff, we’ve lived it. Here, Kristin Heidloff, a head basketball recruiting coach and former DI women’s basketball player and high school coach, describes the importance of bringing a work ethic on and off the court.

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“When you hear from your high school coach that you’re getting some DI interest already as a freshman,” Kristin says, “that’s when you know college basketball is a reality.”

Kristin’s basketball recruiting came about because she never slacked in her work ethic.

“I don’t think anyone could ever question I was one of the hardest workers on the team,” she says. It was a work ethic she developed over the course of an impressive high school career — on a team that lost only 11 games — and refined against Top 25 teams.

“The game was incredibly different for me that first year. There were a lot of adjustments to handle the speed of the game, the strength and size of the girls.”

And that work ethic paid off: her sophomore year, Kristin was already a captain of the team.

Kristin learned basketball recruiting decisions should never be about the coach.

A mistake many high school students can make is basing their basketball recruiting decisions based on a coach — instead of on the social, academic and athletic fit they feel with a team. “You want to find a place that feels like home,” Kristin says. “This is where you are for four years. It’s not just about basketball. It’s not about a coaching staff, because they can leave.”

Check out Kristin’s video and basketball recruiting wisdom in the video below:

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