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Learn How Loyalty and Dedication Will Help You Play College Soccer

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Everyone who works at NCSA Athletic Recruiting believes in the transformative power of sport. With more than 450 former college athletes and coaches on staff, we’ve lived it. Here, recruiting expert Jeff Schlicht shares how he joined the soccer team at Western Michigan University.

“Playing college soccer was a dream that I worked very very hard for,” Jeff says. “I always had that inner burn to play college soccer. Aged 13-14 I moved to the best team in the state. There was only one opening.

“And by a stroke of luck I got it.”

Playing college soccer requires loyalty and dedication.

Jeff’s father taught him the value of loyalty from working for fifty years in the same company. And his mother — through a choice I won’t spoil until you watch the video — taught him that even things you don’t think are the best idea at the time will sometimes reward you.

“A lot of the guys graduating right before me were the guys the coaches came out to watch,” Jeff says. And most of them ended up playing at top college soccer programs throughout the country.

“Sometimes you feel like you need to go to those big name schools, but for me it wasn’t the best fit,” Jeff says. “It’s more than wins and losses when it comes down to it for me. It was worth all of the effort, pains and sores to come out with what I cherish today.”

“College soccer is more than wins and losses, and it was worth it.” Tweet this! Tweet:

Check out the rest of Jeff’s experience in the video below:

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