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3 Ways You Can Enjoy Those Turkey Leftovers – And Still Work On Your Recruiting

students on a couch can still work on recruiting

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I’m not going to be very popular with you for saying this, but right now – during a Thanksgiving break from school when probably you just want to sit on the couch and watch movies with friends – is really the perfect time for you to be working on your college recruiting.

I’m literally cringing while I’m writing this because I’m sure you’re groaning at me. Don’t tell me to do my homework!

I know. Sorry.

But seriously: Over the next few days, while you have a break from schoolwork and — unless you’re involved in a tournament this weekend — likely have a day off from practices, too, take some time to focus on your athletic recruiting. Future you will thank you.

And to make you a little happier with me for asking you to do work, I’ve thought of three ways you can work on your recruiting, all without leaving your couch.

Search for scholarships and roster openings

One of the first obstacles of college recruiting is just narrowing down what schools could be potential matches for you socially, academically and athletically. Use our athletic scholarships search tool to look for roster openings and potential scholarships at schools near you.

Work on your personal statement

One of the best parts of an NCSA Athletic Recruiting profile – in addition to offering a place where you can upload your videos, highlight your achievements, and talk to college coaches, all in one place – is that it offers you a practice grounds for the all-important personal statement, which almost every college application requires.

What makes you excited about being a college athlete? Why are you someone coaches should have their eyes on? What kind of college experience are you looking for, and how will it help you achieve further dreams you have?

If you start brainstorming and writing now, you’ll have everything ready to go when it’s time to revise your final draft that you send to colleges.

Enlist your parents’ help to work on your recruiting

There’s no need to think you’re going through this alone. While you’re relaxing with your parents this holiday break, send them this checklist so they’ll have a sense of how to start helping you through the recruiting process.

Our scouts are also always here to help you and your parents through the process. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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