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She Said She’d Never Give Up. And Now It’s Paying Off.

cross country runner taylor campos

This weekend, the winners of Wendy’s High School Heisman, an award to ensure that student-athletes would complete their high school educations and go on to college, were announced.

And from a pool of thousands of candidates, a panel of judges selected Taylor Campos and Zach Hughes for the prestigious honor.


Check out the amazing story of Taylor’s dedication and work ethic below — or click here to learn about football player Zach Hughes from Chesterfield, Missouri.

Taylor Campos

Class: 2016
Sport: Cross Country
PRs: 17:56 (3 miles); 11:14 (3200m); 5:24 (1600m)
School: Lemont High School
Hometown: Lemont, Illinois

“Throughout my life, I have upheld the principle that if I do something, I do it to the absolute best of my ability. This attitude has allowed me to flourish in all aspects; not only am I incredibly dedicated to Cross Country and Track, but I apply the lessons and strategies I learn from these sports to my entire life,” Taylor says in her recruiting profile. “I love the endless opportunity for self-improvement, the straightforward emphasis on work ethic and character, and the fostering of my very competitive spirit. These sports have to only developed my personal character and drive, but they have enabled me to step into a leadership role and guide my team to great success.”

And it’s a competitive edge that has already brought Taylor far. In addition to breaking a school record that had stood for eighteen years, Taylor is constantly honing her work ethic, according to the Wendy’s High School Heisman site:

Her success in both cross country and track and field taught her that reward never comes without work and has fostered the drive and dedication that she applies to all areas of her life. A perfectionist by her own admission, she constantly seeks opportunities to improve her performance athletically, academically, and as a leader. When her first attempt at the ACT netted a 35, she refused to be satisfied. Instead, she studied harder and took the test again, becoming just the second student in her high school’s history to earn a perfect 36.

Taylor Campos challenges herself to maintain a strong work ethic.

“What you put in is what you get out of it, and I try to apply that to every aspect of my life,” Taylor told the Wendy High School Heisman. “I motivate myself to be the best. I don’t give up easily at all. If I’m going to dedicate myself to something, then I will not let go of it until I reach that goal, however long it takes.”

Taylor’s parents, teachers and coaches describe her work ethic and professional dreams in the video below:

“Taylor and Zach are wonderful examples of the perfect balance between student, athlete and community member, as they represent the National Honor Society, hold leadership roles on their sports teams, and volunteer their time to community service. Both winners demonstrate a diligent work ethic that has lead them to this spot today,” Archie Griffin, two-time collegiate Heisman Memorial Trophy® winner, said in a press release. “Congratulations to Taylor and Zach, and all of our 2015 National Finalists. Their outstanding achievements are inspirational, and we’re proud to recognize a job well done.”

Many congratulations from everyone at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, Taylor.

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