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10 Top Recruiting Tips From 2015: The Best of the NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog

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As we head into a new year and get back to more classes, practices and recruiting, we thought we’d take a look back at 2015. What were the best pieces of recruiting advice we gave in the last year? What helped student-athletes and their families the most?

“Best” is always a hard word to define, so we decided to keep it simple. These 10 pieces, our top recruiting advice from 2015, are ranked on their popularity – the total number of student-athletes who read each article. If you’re every looking for a primer on the top recruiting advice, this is a great place to start.

The 10 Top Recruiting Tips from 2015

1. Are Helicopter Sports Parents Ruining the Game?
We’ve all seen them — and we all dread being near them at one of our games, or when they come to practice to talk to coach. Here are some tips to make sure you’re not acting like a helicopter sports parent.

2. The Top Colleges for Sports in 2015 — As Voted by Student-Athletes
Narrowing down schools you’re interested in can be totally overwhelming, which is why our match algorithm is such an important part of the NCSA Athletic Recruiting profile. But if you’re looking for another place to start considering schools, your peers’ top picks is a great place to start.

3. 3 Things To Avoid in Recruiting: Ways To Get Blacklisted by College Coaches
Taking charge of your recruiting process includes knowing what to avoid. Here are the three biggest mistakes a student-athlete could run into.

4. 5 Things Not To Do on Social Media
We’re more connected than ever before. That also means we have more opportunities to mess up in front of college coaches. Here are five strategies to make sure you’re proving yourself to be a worthy student-athlete to join their rosters.

5. Top Body Language Mistakes To Avoid When Meeting A College Coach
There’s much more about you than meets the eye. But when you’re meeting a college coach face-to-face, the visual cues your body language is expressing might not be telling the story you want a coach to hear.

6. These College Coaches Are Examining How To Recruit Young Athletes
College coaches are recognizing that recruiting is starting earlier and earlier, to the detriment of both student-athletes and coaches. Here’s what they had to say.

7. Parents Gone Wild: New Evidence Youth Sports Parents Are Hurting The Game
Total participation in youth athletics was down four percent in 2014, as compared to 2009. We dug into ways parents might be unintentionally contributing — and how we can encourage young student-athletes in their love of sports.

8. What It Means When a College Coach Contacts You
On top of the many different ways college coaches are restricted in contacting student-athletes through NCAA regulations, many student-athletes and their families feel confused whether they’re receiving mail because a coach is truly interested. Here, we break down the most common forms of coach contact.

9. Should My Child Play Multiple Sports?
Early specialization in youth athletics is such a common question we hear from parents. From medical to psychological concerns — burn out is a thing! — choosing whether to encourage your child to be a one-sport or multi-sport athlete confronts parents all over the country.

10. Questions You Should Ask a College Coach on the Phone
A phone call with a college coach should be a true conversation. While it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself and why you’re a great fit for a roster opening, it’s also a chance for you to learn about your potential college fit right from the source. Here are the best questions to get your phone call started.

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