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Can International Students Use NCSA?

Can International Students Use NCSA

A frequent question we have is about whether NCSA Athletic Recruiting can help international students discover opportunities to play in college.

The short answer? Yes.

And if you’d like to learn more about the specific opportunities ways that international students use NCSA Athletic Recruiting, join us for a webinar on that exact topic next Saturday, January 13, at 3 p.m. Central: Claim your seat now!

Can international students use NCSA Athletic Recruiting?

A recent conversation on the Facebook Parent College Athletic Recruiting Help group asked this exact question: How do international students–Canadians, specifically–use NCSA? Click through the link if you’d like to see how real parents of student-athletes respond.

NCSA offers international students the same help we offer American student-athletes.

An American college education, and the opportunity to play your sport at that level, is an incredible opportunity — no matter in what country you currently live. For international student-athletes, as with student-athletes who go to the school in the U.S. or at US military bases, NCSA Athletic Recruiting offers the chance to get ahead:

  • to post all of your recruiting information, including highlight videos, a personal statement, GPA and SAT/ACT scores and more, in one place
  • to connect with college coaches and communicate with them right from your profile
  • to access your profile no matter where you are, and share it with all your friends

But more importantly, NCSA offers international students educational opportunities.

The college recruiting can be confusing enough for a student-athlete in an American high school.

But for international students, who have to look at grade conversions, paperwork to enter the United States as a student, and possibly English as a Foreign Language classes, it can be that much more difficult.

That’s why the full resource library NCSA offers is so helpful to international students. And why the group recruiting education classes and one-on-one sessions with recruiting experts can give you the tools you need to make connections with college coaches and find the right roster opening for you.

We’d love to talk to you about the opportunities ahead of you to play your sport at an American university. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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