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Let’s Get Nerdy: How NCSA Digital Products Are Getting Cooler And Helping More Student-Athletes

2015 was a great year for us. We already talked about how we were able to help more student-athletes and college coaches connect than ever before, including more than 20,000 Class of 2015 graduates finding a roster opening at the right school for them.

But we also had a pretty cool year in terms of our tech, products and development. And we thought you mind want to hear about some of the cool ways that NCSA digital products are helping student-athletes and coaches. Here are some of the top improvements we made in 2015.

NCSA digital products made it easier for student-athletes to show off their talents

In 2015, we completely redesigned the athlete profile and integrated with some partners to get student-athletes even more resources to decide what school is right for them.

We also made it easier to use your profile, like by improving the way you can link to your Hudl videos.

And maybe the thing I think is coolest is that we released a new message center to all of our premium members, so they can write and receive emails to college coaches–whose names they can find in our database.

(If you’re interested in tech things, we also upgraded our platforms to Ruby on Rails 4, which is pretty cool.)

And we’ll be continuing to make updates to the ways student-athletes can use our products to learn everything they need to know about recruiting at their own pace, and hopefully having some fun, too. Be on the lookout for more updates!

We also made it easier for coaches to use NCSA digital platforms

For college coaches, we made some beautiful redesigns to the ways coaches use NCSA. New searches, filters and other tools help coaches find student-athletes who fit their specific roster openings, and follow quality athletes who show promise.

Does that sound like it’s simplifying recruiting to you? We’d love to walk you through the ways college coaches can use NCSA.

We are releasing apps to help you get recruited, everywhere.

We’ve recently released our Android app on the Google Play store and the response has been overwhelmingly awesome.

Download the NCSA Athletic Recruiting app for Android today.

(Don’t worry: An iOS app is coming very soon, so you can access the full power of your recruiting profile from your phone, no matter what type of operating system you use.)

These are all ways that we’re helping student-athletes and their families connect with college coaches so they can find the right place to play in college. But you know, if you think these kind of product innovations sound cool, working in tech is actually a great way to stay involved in sports after college.

Are you excited to use any of the products we described here? The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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