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How College Sports Create Opportunities for Athletes

recruiting expert joyce wellhoefer

Everyone who works at NCSA Athletic Recruiting believes in the transformative power of sport. With more than 450 former college athletes and coaches on staff, we’ve lived it.

Here, recruiting expert Joyce Wellhoefer, a coach for more than 20 years, describes how she used her love of softball and basketball to travel the world and obtain a Master’s degree.

We’ve been sharing some of our team members’ stories — and will continue to do so. Here are some of the most recent:

Coach Joyce Wellhoefer shows you have to put in the time with a great attitude

Although Coach Joyce didn’t attend any camps, clinics or specific training, she never let that sway her from her love of the game. Instead, she always went the extra mile with her training, throwing ab all whenever she could to develop her skills as a player.

And she didn’t stop there. Coach Joyce brought the same never-quit attitude to playing women’s basketball in Europe. “I took a risk and just did it,” she says. “I got on a plane, didn’t know who would pick me up, didn’t know what to expect.”

As soon as she came back to the states, she was able to keep coaching.

Recruiting expert Joyce Wellhoefer’s 20 years of coaching has shown her the opportunities that come about through sports.

“I loved the recruiting part when I was a college coach,” Coach Joyce says. “This doesn’t seem like a job, in many ways — it’s getting to talk to families about sports and opportunities.”

“I still really feel in my heart that if someone wants to play at the college level, there’s an opportunity for them,” she says.

“It’s definitely more than sports; it’s about the whole process, lifelong friends you meet, and opportunities that come about because of characteristics you develop,” Coach Joyce says. “Sports just really grows you as a person.”

Check out Coach Joyce’s video below, and follow her for top tips and strategies on Twitter @joycewellhoefer.

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