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We’re Building Innovation for Sports — With a Hackathon

development team creates innovation for sports

The development team at NCSA is focused on finding innovative new ways to help student-athletes, their parents and college coaches in a hackathon both in our office in Chicago and at the College of New Jersey today and tomorrow.

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From front-end and back-end developers to UI/UX designers, QA and support team members and mobile developers, we’ve assembled cross-functional teams of 4-5 members and worked on themes of integration: finding ways to improve data integration through Reigning Champs companies.

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How our development team’s hackathon builds innovation for sports

We believe that building and learning go hand-in-hand. So sitting in teams that are different than our normal work groups helps us think about fun ways to help student-athletes understand all of the amazing tools included in an NCSA profile, like how well they match with a given school academically, athletically and socially.

“Hackathons are great for our users, and for us,” Adam Greuling, vice president of engineering at NCSA, says. “They help us come up with ideas that better the recruiting process for coaches, parents and student-athletes, while we work as a team to generate ideas that will help us in our day-to-day work.”

Our development team has made some pretty impressive products. And we’ve been recognized for it — we were recognized as one of the top 100 digital companies in Chicago, and were recently able to talk to BuiltinChicago about how we’re helping student-athletes and coaches through technology.

“While we don’t have finished products at the end of a hackathon, we have a much better sense of ways we can make student-athletes and coaches have better, easier recruiting experiences,” Adam says.

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