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Swimming Recruiting Expert Kate Rich Explains How to Win National Titles

swimming recruiting expert kate rich

Everyone who works at NCSA Athletic Recruiting believes in the transformative power of sport. With more than 450 former college athletes and coaches on staff, we’ve lived it.

Here, swimming recruiting expert Kate Rich describes how she led her team at Denison University to multiple national swimming records, and the lessons she has taken from college swimming.

We’ve been sharing some of our team members’ stories — and will continue to do so. Here are some of the most recent:

Everyone starts out naive to the swimming recruiting process.

Although Kate swam for over 14 years, she — just like many high school men’s and women’s swimmers out there today — wasn’t sure how to go about college swimming recruiting.

“I was pretty naive to the whole process,” Kate says. “I looked at a few schools, more on the East Coast. But I wasn’t focused on division level.”

“I was more focused on dropping the time and wanting to improve. I wanted the coach relationship, I wanted the team relationship.”

An important lesson in swimming recruiting: You don’t have to sacrifice academics for athletics, or vice versa.

“Academics always came first,” Kate says. “We could always go to our coach and work out a friend.”

But even though Kate kept her focus on her schoolwork, her team saw incredible success in the medley relays. After breaking the national record in the 200 medley, they went on to win the 400 medley relay — and break a national record there, as well.

“I don’t think it was something we expected; it was close, but it was definitely icing on the cake,” she says.

Here’s what this college swimming expert recommends for hopeful student-athletes.

In addition to helping NCSA clients, Kate regularly offers her advice on the swimming recruiting process in online workshops, which you can attend for free.

And she always recommends this: “Be proactive. Never hesitate to reach out. Of course there’s a ton that goes into the recruiting process, but you can never go wrong with reaching out.”

When you’re talking to college coaches, use them as a resource to make sure you understand what kind of situation you’ll experience. “Ask questions so you can get the inside scoop on that school academically, athletically, socially, campus life,” she says. “They’re going to have the best information for you.”

Check out the rest of Kate’s video below, and follow her on Twitter @NCSACoachKate.

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