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Where Do You Rank Against NFL Pros and DI Football Players?

how do you rank against nfl pros infographic teaser

Panthers or Broncos fan, I’m sure you’ve been checking out the stats and rankings for everyone going into the Super Bowl tonight, trying to decide which team is going to come out on top.

I know everyone at NCSA Athletic Recruiting has.

And it got us thinking: how do these pros rank against each other? And what do they look like against current DI athletes? Or some of the top recruits that we’ve seen in our network?

So we decided to answer that question.

How do you rank against NFL pros in the Super Bowl?

Check out the stats of some of tonight’s starters, and the median stats of current DI players at the same position. In addition to height and weight, we’ve also included 40 and vertical as a measure of explosiveness and athleticism.

And– hey. This is just for fun. Even if your measurables aren’t exactly the same as Cam Newton’s or Demaryius Thomas’s, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to find the right fit on a college roster.

Most high school football players are still growing, and college coaches look at your highlight videos and digital profile for the player you will become in college — not just the player you are today.

Check out where you rank below, and make sure to look for more awesome graphics from @ncsa on Twitter during the game.

where do you rank against nfl pros infographic

Want to know how you can improve your rank and find the college that’s the right fit for you? The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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