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How To Prepare for The 2016 Regular Signing Period

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How seniors should prepare for the 2016 regular signing period

If you’re going to be attending a program that requires a National Letter of Intent and you haven’t signed yet, April 13 will be the first day you can sign during the regular period — making a verbal commitment official and binding. It’s a reason to celebrate!

But what if you’re a senior who hasn’t committed to a program yet?

Last year, head recruiting coach Brandon Videtich walked through the top steps seniors who aren’t yet committing to a school during the regular signing period should take. (That’s why he references April 15 — this year, remember, the first day of the regular signing period is April 13). Brandon offers great tips you should follow in the video below.

What if I don't sign on April 15th? from NCSA Athletic Recruiting on Vimeo.

Get proactive during the regular signing period

If you have a recruiting profile, you can see which coaches and programs are viewing you. Reach out to those programs to find out if there are still roster openings for your position.

Talking to coaches can be nerve-wracking, which is why we talk about strategies for coach communication.

Get creative during the regular signing period

Maybe you’ve been limiting your search only to certain programs so far. Now’s the time to start casting your net a little wider. Maybe there’s a junior college program that could help you continue to develop — or that could just be the right fit. Here, Laura describes why junior college might be the best fit for stressed out student-athletes.

And if you’re an underclassman this year?

Then celebrate with the seniors on your team and in your school because their journey is over — and look for ways that you can prove your mettle as the next college student-athlete. One of the best ways to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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