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What Your Summer Baseball Priorities Should Be

play division i baseball by practicing hard even when no one is watching

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The following is a post by Adam Nemo, baseball recruiting expert and head baseball recruiting coach at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. Adam was a baseball player for Ohio State University before going onto work in the Milkwaukee Brewers organization and coaching baseball at the high school and collegiate levels in Cincinnati. You can talk to Adam and other experts about your baseball recruiting needs.

The school year is winding down for many and the spring high school season is coming to a close. That means summer baseball is right around the corner and every NCSA Baseball student-athlete needs to have a plan for the summer. While there is no one way to approach it, here are a few tips and recommendations to make sure you have a productive summer.

You need to be playing baseball this summer!

  • You are still in the developmental stage with your baseball skills! You need reps and game situations to continue to improve.
  • Find a team where you are playing with and against good competition. If you are playing with and against college level talent, then college coaches will be watching your games.
  • Do not sacrifice too much playing time to play for an ultra-competitive team. You need to play to get better and you have to be on the field to be seen.
  • Take care of your body and your arm. Games pile up in the summer and sometimes you need a break! Do not let your coach abuse you to win a game. Be smart!

Consider attending camps and showcases

  • Many colleges hold camps on their campuses during the summer time and you will likely be invited to many of these. Click here to learn more about choosing which ones to attend.
  • Showcases also offer you the opportunity to work out in front of college coaches. It is important to pick the right ones, be sure to do your research and pick the right ones.
  • You should make your summer team the priority! We do not recommend skipping games or tournaments for showcases unless your coach is 100% onboard.

Keep your NCSA profile up-to-date

  • Make sure to update your profile with your summer schedule and any events you are attending.
  • Have an updated video on your profile. If you are in contact with coaches and trying to drive them toward your profile, you want them to see a current video of you.
  • Make sure that your transcript, test scores, coach references and the rest of your profile are also up-to-date.

Be proactive and keep coaches updated about your summer baseball progress.

  • Don’t assume that coaches will just find you! You have to let them know who you are, express your interest and let them know where you are going to be.
  • Contact coaches in the areas where you will be playing and participating in camps or showcases. If they are already planning on going, they may try to come watch you.
  • Send more frequent updates to coaches who you speak with regularly. Send them more detailed schedules and updates to continue regular communication.
  • Try calling coaches! If you cannot get in contact with a coach through e-mail, try calling the coach to see if you can initiate contact on the phone. Learn more about why it’s so important to talk to coaches in this college coach’s open letter to recruits.

Keep working hard and keep making good decisions!

  • You will have a lot more free time in the summer. Use that time to make yourself better. Work hard in the weight room, get extra swings in off the tee, and stay in shape. (Or read a book! ^_^ —The Editor
  • With more free time can come more opportunity for distractions. Make good decisions on and off the field. Enjoy yourself, but make good decisions.
  • If you are a multi-sport athlete, there will be multiple coaches that want your time and your energy. Do not over-extend yourself with everything. Make sure you are getting rest and taking care of your body.

Your summer approach should be unique to you and your goals! There are many different ways to approach the summer based on your age, skill level, academic goals and location.

Recruiting experts like Adam can help you set reasonable goals to get closer to playing in college. Want to benefit from their advice? Get started with a recruiting profile.

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