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June 15 Recruiting Tips for Rising Juniors

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Today is June 15th, which is a big day for all rising juniors (2018 Grads) in regards to the contact they can have with NCAA DII college coaches!

Let’s break down the rules and regulations to show you everything that’s changed:

Here are our top June 15 recruiting tips

The changes that occur at this time of year fit into the following categories:

  • On-campus activities (official visits and tryouts on campus)
  • In-person off-campus contact
  • Almost every kind of communication (emails, letters, phone calls, texts and social media)

Changes to on-campus recruiting for juniors as of June 15

There’s so much to learn about what kind of college you’re looking at when your’e on campus, even if school isn’t in session.

As of June 15, you can visit the campus on an official visit (where the school pays for your trip) or even try out as a prospective student at one of the school’s regular practice sites.

Here are our five top tips to make your official visit a success.

Changes to off-campus contact for juniors

In-person contact — either with you or with your guardians — is only permitted as of June 15. That one seems pretty self-explanatory. 😉

Changes to all forms of communication with junior prospects

Here’s where the fun stuff starts.

Let’s hope the phone starts ringing; any member of DII athletic staff can make an unlimited number of phone calls to you or your guardians. You can also expect emails, letters, texts and contact on social media.

Here are some of the things college coaches are thinking about recruits to help you prepare for communicating with them.

You’re a junior and it’s after June 15 — without any change?

If you’re a rising junior and interested in NCAA Division II schools, let’s chat about ways NCSA can help you get connected with more college coaches.

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