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What Our Strategic Partnership With Parisi Speed School Means to Student-Athletes

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We’re proud to announce a strategic alliance with Parisi Speed School and Box Command to make the dream of being recruited by college and universities more real for high school student-athletes around the country.

What the strategic partnership with Parisi means

This alliance creates a “one-stop-shop” for high school student-athletes and their parents on getting recruited, ensuring every athlete reaches their top potential and catches the eye of recruiting coaches.

“The synergies between Parisi, Box Command and NCSA Athletic Recruiting are perfect. It opens another exciting door to student-athletes and parents on how to stay competitive in the ever-changing recruiting process,” said Izell Reece, Executive Vice President of NCSA.

How Parisi Speed School Will Help Student-Athletes

Parisi Speed School was founded in 1992 by Bill Parisi, with the mission to be the industry leader in performance enhancement and to deliver a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.

Over the past 20+ years, Parisi Speed School has grown to over 90 locations in 31 states and has trained more than 600,000 individuals.

“Parisi is excited to be in the company of these esteemed partners because it helps us all to better fulfill our mission to help young athletes make their dreams come true. I couldn’t be more pleased,” said Paul Staples, PhD, CEO of Parisi Franchise Systems.

Box Command’s Technology — Student-Athletes’ Success

The third and equal component of this partnership is the technology company, Box Command. Much of Box Command’s business, as well as its passion, is in the area of sports management and performance tracking. Box Command’s enterprise cloud platform brings the technology to support verified scores, provide leader boards that rank results of all NCSA athletes across the nation, coordinate events, as well as the ability to make many other future endeavors possible.

We’ll also focus on offering events throughout the year to showcase athletes within your chosen sport, where we’ll also provide critical education for parents on how today’s recruiting process works.

Visit Parisi Speed School for the complete press release.

We’re excited to get started.

NCSA Athletic Recruiting is always forging new strategic partnerships to help student-athletes and parents succeed. The best way to learn about opportunities and partnerships that will help you on your path to college is by starting a recruiting profile.

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