Athletic Recruiting Camps and Combines

This Recruiting Practice Is Driving College Coaches Insane


As several informative articles on CBS Sports have been recently detailing, July — particularly in basketball — is a huge month for recruiting.

But it’s also an expensive one.

As Gary Parrish for CBS Sports has been detailing, during the evaluation period in July, college basketball coaches (both men’s and women’s) will pay hundreds of dollars for access to exposure camps.

And they really wish they didn’t have to.

This isn’t the most efficient way for coaches to recruit

As one college coach told Gary,

“So here’s the deal: You buy three different packets for three different events and spend roughly $900 just to get in the gym. But it’s basically the same teams and kids you’re seeing. The only real reason they break it up into three different events is so they can charge us for three different packets. It’s insane.”

Who is getting hurt by these steep prices?

As Gary jokingly writes, “To be clear, none of this is to suggest you should feel sorry for the Ohio States and North Carolinas of the world because athletic departments like those spend incredible amounts of money on all sorts of possibly unnecessary things, and the amount they spend on July packets is relative pennies.”

At the same time, he writes, “Though, like I said, this isn’t a big deal to Ohio State, North Carolina and similarly funded programs, it can be a crippling cost to low-major and mid-major programs.”

And more than 99% of men’s college basketball and women’s basketball opportunities are at just those schools.

What are the best ways student-athletes can help college coaches?

Maybe this just seems obvious to me because I’m biased, but there does seem to be a much simpler way for coaches to find potential athletes for their rosters — and it’ll always be free for coaches.

The more information you include in your profile: like key stats, highlight videos, upcoming events where coaches could find you, a photo so coaches can recognize you on campus visits or at events and more, the better.

So help coaches out, won’t you? Log into your profile and make sure it’s up to date.

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