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The Craziest Recruiting Stunts — Ever [Infographic]

Coaches Gone Wild Infographic

Would you take a college coach to prom? Or let them sleep over at your house?

In less than one percent of cases, college recruiting stunts can get pretty weird.

We’ve assembled some of the craziest stunts from the past couple years — all from real college football headlines — and assembled them into one infographic. Can you guess which stunts led to the star recruit signing a Letter of Intent for the school?

College recruiting stunts aren’t the norm

Let’s quickly pause before we get into the infographic for two notes.

First, although these college recruiting stunts are all from football, we think it’s interesting for other student-athletes to learn about as well. We’ve historically seen other sports follow football’s suit when it comes to recruiting tactics and strategies.

Do you think we’ll soon see coaches in other sports do similar stunts to woo their prospective athletes? Let us know on Twitter.

Second, if you’re one of more than 99.9 percent of student-athletes looking for a college sports opportunity, I have some bad news for you: You’re probably not going to have a coach come dance for you.

(I’m not sure that you should actually ever want this to happen.)

Make sure you scroll past the crazy recruiting stunts, though, because our recruiting experts have shared their top tips for you to be sure that you’re getting coaches to notice you the right way. They’re all tips you can use for your NCSA profile.

Crazy Recruiting Stunts: Our Coaches Gone Wild Infographic

infographic about crazy recruiting stunts in college football recruiting

Use Coach Joe’s tips in your own recruiting profile.

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