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Learn Our Top Tips About Recruiting [Audio Recording]

Many families start looking at college athletics with one of two questions in the forefront of their minds:

  1. Am I even good enough to play in college?
  2. How can I find opportunities to play college sports?

If you’re wondering about the first question, the short answer is to remember that there are many opportunities outside of the Division I level, and you can check recruiting guidelines for your specific sport to see how you measure up.

For the second question, Jaimie Duffek, one of our recruiting experts and a former Division I softball player at Drake University, recently spoke to Steve Bertrand on the Wintrust Business Lunch on WGN Radio.

College recruiting opportunities are digital

Families need to build a digital presence for their student-athlete, which is where NCSA comes in, Jaimie told Steve.

“If you want to think of us as the for college athletics, our role is to really help student-athletes, as well as college coaches, to figure out what the best fit will be to play collegiately,” she said.

But wait, Steve asked Jaimie: Isn’t the common idea that college coaches will find student-athletes at their school, if the athlete plays well?

Actually, athletes need to create their own college recruiting opportunities.

“A lot of recruiting is student-athlete and parent driven,” Jaimie said.

“College athletics, and your sport, is a mechanism to get you to the next level,” Jaimie says. “In my personal experience, softball was a mechanism to help me pay for college absolutely, but more importantly figure out what was going to be the best fit for me.”

“Because they’re not being proactive, they’re not getting college scholarships,” Steve asks.

“What I tell our student-athletes I work with is that it’s really important to have conversations with your family to establish a baseline of what your important factors are to look at in a college.”

Listen to our recruiting expert on the radio

You can catch the full Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand, and all of Jaimie’s tips about the recruiting process (Jaimie starts at the 7:45 mark) thanks to WGN Radio.

And if you’re interested in working with recruiting experts like Jaimie, be proactive just like she recommends. Start today with a recruiting profile.

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