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[Infographic] Big Ghoul on Campus

You might have talked to your family about how far you want to look for schools that fit your preferences. Or whether you’d like an urban or a rural experience at college.

Or if you’re looking for a special major, maybe you’ve narrowed down your search only to campuses that offer the program you’d like to study.

And you’ve probably already wondered about what kind of roommate you’ll have: will they be an athlete? Will they try to party in your room? Keep odd hours?

Will they be a ghost?

College campus ghosts haunt all across the United States

It might not be on the top of your list to wonder whether there are any specters hanging around your favorite college campuses.

But there are even some swimming pools, locker rooms, and football stadiums where college students have reported hearing something go bump — or seeing something they couldn’t quite explain.

I ain’t afraid of no college campus ghosts

We’ve collected urban legends from all around the country to find out which colleges in every state are the spookiest. Check them out in the infographic below and then let us know: Will you be ghost hunting at your college?

infographic about college campus ghosts

We might not be able to tell you whether a campus has too many ghosts for you, but our tools and resources can help you find the right fit academically, athletically, and socially — and our experts will guide you every step of the way.

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