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[Infographic] Have You Become a Mindless Zombie Recruit? Here’s How to Tell.

zombies make bad recruits

We love a good scary movie, and there’s something deliciously thrilling about movies with zombies. Slow, tottering, inexorable, trying to eat you.

Zombies make for great, terrifying horror.

But we’ve also been noticing some real-life zombie recruits. And that might be even scarier.

Zombie recruits are bad recruits.

No one wants a living dead student-athlete on their college roster. Check out the diagnostic chart we have below to see if you’ve been infected — and how to treat your symptoms.

infographic about how zombie athletes are bad recruits

There are no bad recruits if we all take control of our recruiting

The recruiting process doesn’t start with parents, or with a high school or club coach. It has to start with young men and women who are dedicated to becoming the next college student-athlete.

Use this checklist for your path to college

So: Are you?

Don’t be a zombie. Take control of your recruiting process. The best way to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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