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NCSA and Sports Illustrated Play team up to benefit more student-athletes

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Many hardworking student-athletes aspire to play their sport at the college level; however, most will fall short of this goal, not because they don’t have the skills, but because they don’t understand how the college recruiting process works. Fortunately, NCSA and its team of experts have the answers to even the most elusive recruiting questions and are dedicated to making the process straightforward for student-athletes and their families.

si playTo help even more student-athletes get recruited, NCSA recently partnered with Sports Illustrated Play (SI Play), a unit of Time Inc. (NYSE: TIME). SI Play provides simple, effective technology to help teams of all shapes and sizes operate efficiently. From registering new players to putting together teams rosters, scheduling a league or creating a polished website, SI Play’s technology helps users “simplify their sports life.”

By joining forces with NCSA, SI Play’s more than 10 million active users have access to the recruiting materials and expert assistance they need to take their athletics to the next level.

NCSA packs a powerful punch in college recruiting, offering athletes:

  • Customizable profiles: Each student-athlete can fill out a profile with their key statistics, highlight videos, academic information, personal statement and more. Using proprietary matching algorithms, NCSA connects student-athletes with our database of more than 41,000 college coaches nationwide.
  • An extensive library of educational resources: From recruiting quizzes to must-know articles, tips from former college athletes and templates for emailing coaches, NCSA’s materials cover the entire recruiting journey, from an athlete’s freshman year of high school to their official college commitment.
  • Advice from recruiting experts: NCSA’s team of more than 550 former college and pro athletes offer personal guidance on the recruiting process and hands-on assistance to help student-athletes find the right program.
  • Recruiting information anytime, anywhere: Athletes can brush up on recruiting know-how through their SI Play or NCSA app. All recruiting information – including profile views by college coaches and more – are delivered straight to athletes’ phones for a seamless, convenient experience.

SI Play and NCSA also plan to work together to bring new and innovative college recruiting tools to leagues, teams and coaches on desktop and in-app to make sports and recruiting more accessible for all athletes and their families. “We look forward to working with SI Play to reach even more student-athletes than we already do and to help them on their path to college,” says Lisa Strasman, NCSA President.

Learn more about NCSA’s unique college recruiting tools.

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