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[SPONSORED] Run Faster and Jump Higher with VK Insoles

VK Insoles

VKTRY Gear created VK Insoles, the world’s first carbon fiber performance insole. They recently completed a third-party scientific study conducted at The Human Performance Lab at SCSU in New Haven, Connecticut. And you might be surprised by the results.

VK Insole wearers increased athletic explosiveness by more than 8.6%

Professor Robert W. Gregory, PhD at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, runs The Human Performance Lab and has studied VK Insoles for the last 12 months.  “28 male collegiate athletes participated in this study. Performance and biomechanical data were measured during both vertical jump and sprint testing. The improvement in performance with the VK Insole is statistically significant in all biomechanical variables tested,” says Gregory.

The lab used laser timing devices, multi-component force plates and repeat trials to measure results. Athletes using VK Insoles experienced an average of +8.6% rate of athletic explosiveness. During vertical jump testing, athletes using VKs improved their performance by an average of more than 1”, with the top 30% of those tested reaching +2.5”.

Currently, The Human Performance Lab is conducting VO2 Consumption Testing to explore the impact on energy efficiency for athletes using VK Insoles. Myles Jones, three-time All-American for Duke Lacrosse, says, “I feel like I have more bounce and fresher legs late in the game because of VKs.”

VK Insoles are designed to help athletes in three specific ways

Invented and refined over the last 10 years by Matt Arciuolo, Certified Pedorthist of the USA Olympic Bobsled Team, VK Insoles are designed to help athletes in three ways:

  • Improve performance
  • Protect from injury
  • Improve injury recovery

“Due to the patented design and heel-to-toe carbon fiber base, VK Insoles maximize energy storage and return for an athlete,” says Arciuolo. “The scientific study by The Human Performance Lab confirms what we have heard repeatedly on the field of play – athletes feel more explosive with VK Insoles.”

“Increasing speed and explosiveness is all about one thing – putting a force into the ground – and that’s what VKs do for an athlete,” says Bill Parisi, renowned fitness expert and founder of Parisi Speed Schools. “I tried VK Insoles for myself and instantly felt the energy return.” Take a look at the VK Insoles in action.

Try them yourself: NCSA athletes get an exclusive discount for VK Insoles

VKTRY Gear is offering NCSA athletes an exclusive $50 discount with the code “NCSA.” VK Insoles are available in five different degrees of flexibility (PRO levels) to correspond to an athlete’s body weight and ensure optimized performance. VKs are currently being used for injury protection and performance benefits by hundreds of pro and college athletes across multiple sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.). VKTRY Gear proudly makes VKs in the USA. For more information—and to redeem your discount—visit the VKTRY Gear website.

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Kelly Mantick

Kelly Mantick is a writer at NCSA Next College Student Athlete.