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Baseball Recruiting Never Stops: How to Make the Most of the Spring

Baseball spring recruiting

By Jason Smith, Baseball Head Recruiting Coach Manager

The weather forecast for most of the country may not reflect it, but baseball season is just around the corner for high school players. With offseason programs winding down and the start of tryouts and practice coming up, you need to make sure you are focused. As busy as you are, you can’t completely turn away from the college recruiting process and forget about it until summer.

Set aside one hour per week for your recruiting, and you will carry the momentum of the offseason into the most important time of the year: the summer. Here are a few things you can be doing to get recruited.

Research schools to identify overall best college match.

Now is a great time to start researching the best schools for you. Make a list of things that are important to you and your family in a school. Then, identify schools that meet your needs. There are a lot of great resources at your disposal. Don’t forget: You can always reach out to NCSA for help, too!

Send college coaches a specific update each month.

Are college coaches busy during the spring because they have their own season going on? Of course. But they don’t stop evaluating and recruiting players. If you have built dialogue with a coach in the offseason, make sure you are finding reasons (new video, test scores, transcripts, schedule, stats) to reach out with an update once each month. You can also try reaching out with a quick call every other month to stand out. College coaches don’t make it out to as many games in the spring as they do in the summer, but they will attend games of players who catch their attention. Keep them updated! Here are some tips to keep in mind when putting together your video footage.

Plan your summer to make sure you attend all the camps and showcases you’re interested in.

Most individual schools host camps over the summer and there are showcases, too. Many of these events overlap and you have your summer team’s schedule to worry about. Not sure what kind of event you should attend? Take a look at this article.

Keep building your NCSA profile.

Build your NCSA profile and get it as close to complete as possible. Have you had trouble getting video in the offseason because it’s too cold? Are you waiting to add your coach reference information until you make the team? Have you held off on posting your spring and summer schedule until you find out which team you make? Did you just get your ACT/SAT score results from the winter? Now is the time to get these things done and make sure that your profile reflects your current level.

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Kelly Mantick is a writer at NCSA Next College Student Athlete.