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He’s one of the best: NCSA Partners with Jack Renkens

Jack Renkens

For more than 20 years, Jack Renkens, president and founder of Recruiting Realities™, has been touring the country delivering no-nonsense recruiting advice to thousands of high school athletes. Whether it is at a Nike Basketball Clinic or a local high school, Jack’s engaging and motivational talks have inspired many student-athletes and their families to take charge of their recruiting process.

The world of college recruiting is constantly evolving. With the tremendous influence now of social media, and the growing number of new NCAA regulations, Jack’s mantra “It’s a game. Know the rules.” couldn’t be more true than it is today.

Jack founded Recruiting Realities to help provide knowledge to parents and athletes make well-informed decisions on where to play sports in college. In addition, one reality that Renkens drives home at the beginning of every talk is that first and foremost recruiting is about your child’s education.

“It’s not about hitting a ball, kicking a ball…it’s about finding the right school match academically right out of the chute.”

And that’s why NCSA is proud to partner with Jack by providing relevant educational content to help not only parents and athletes understand the college athletic recruiting process, but also high school coaches and counselors.

For more information and to order a copy of Recruiting Realities: Your GPS to the Future you can visit: Recruiting Realities

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Kelly Mantick is a writer at NCSA Next College Student Athlete.