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It’s Football Camp and Combine Season: Where to Go and What to Do [INFOGRAPHIC]

Football camps and combines

Between the camps, combines, one-day evaluation camps, showcases, and more, how are you supposed to know where to go and when? We’ve got your back. This is the ultimate guide to football events. To get an insider perspective on football camps and combines, we talked to Coach Joe Leccesi, a football four-year starter for Saint Xavier University and current offensive line coach at Saint Xavier.

Here are some of Coach Joe’s tips to know before you go:

  • Be realistic about your skills. These events are supposed to show off your talent. However, if you’re not ready or you aren’t a fully developed football player yet, they can do more harm than good. Don’t attend a crucial event like a one-day evaluation camp before you’re ready.
  • Do your research. Certain events require specific preparation. If you’re going to a combine to get your football stats, practice the 40-yard dash. If you’re going to a camp and doing one-on-one’s, grab a teammate and practice. You see where we’re going with this. Research, practice, prepare.
  • One-day evaluation camps are for recruits. Don’t go out of your way to attend unless you’re getting recruited by that program’s coach. Coaches will separate out those recruits he’s interested in right away. If the coach mentions in the invite email that he was impressed by your film or your profile, that’s a good sign.
  • Get your combine numbers no more than twice a year. Get tested at a combine at the beginning of your off season. If you feel like you’ve improved a lot in the off season, you can go back one more time. There’s no real need to go more than twice in a year.

football camps and combines

Have you ever heard that the follow-up is the most important part? The same can be said of football camps and combines. After you attend, email or DM coaches through social media. Even better: give them a call. Whatever you do, stay connected with coaches and let them know you’re interested. Capitalize on the momentum of the camp.

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