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‘Recruit My Kid!’ Advice from the Parent of Three College Athletes

The recruiting process can be incredibly frustrating for both athletes and parents alike. From understanding how to be academically eligible to communicating with college coaches, there’s a lot to learn. Brent Williams discovered this firsthand when helping his son get recruited by college football programs.

Though Williams felt uneducated and underprepared, he had more experience with college athletic recruiting than most families, having gone through the process himself as an athlete. He secured his spot as a scholarship football recruit at the University of Toledo, going on to play in the NFL for 11 years.

Williams took it upon himself to dig deep into recruiting education and learn everything he could about the process. His ultimate goal: Help the next generation of athletes successfully navigate their recruiting journey.

Providing recruiting guidance to the next generation

Williams wrote his first recruiting book, “Recruit My Son!”, which shares the lessons he learned in his first son’s recruiting process. Since, Williams has partnered with NCSA, speaking at different events. He also founded NextGen Football Camps, which help middle school football players gain exposure to college coaches.

Recently, Williams saw his next two kids through the recruiting process, helping them lock down college athletic scholarships. Now, armed with even more knowledge about the recruiting process, Williams has written a sequel. “Recruit My Kid!” gives parents advice on how they can help their athlete reach their dreams of competing in college sports. Williams has been there, and he wants to lend his knowledge to all parents. You can purchase his book now on Amazon.

If you have any questions about the recruiting process, and would like to talk to a recruiting expert, please give us a call at 866-495-5172.

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Kelly Mantick

Kelly Mantick is a writer at NCSA Next College Student Athlete.