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A Rundown of the 2018 Rivals adizero Combine Series

The turf has settled and the numbers are in for the 2018 Rivals adizero Combines! This was a record-setting year for the largest free combine series in the United States. From the massive athlete turn out to the incredible scores, the 2018 Rivals adizero Combines were a true success. We’ve compiled some of our favorite stats to give you a snapshot of what made this combine series unique.

Here are a few highlights to illustrate the magnitude of the 2018 Rivals adizero Combines:

  • 19,760 total athletes got tested at a 2018 Rivals adizero Combine
  • 1,411 athletes on average attended each event
  • 2,097 football players attended the Atlanta Combine, making it the largest Rivals combine to date

If you’re interested in checking out the full list of 2018 Rivals adizero Combine results, we’ve compiled them all in our Football Recruiting Guide.


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