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Check out the revamped Team Edition

We’re excited to introduce the updated Team Edition. When it comes to helping your athletes get recruited, we’ve elevated our game.
Team Edition’s updates include the new Dashboard and are designed to provide an improved experience. We listened to feedback from coaches like you to make sure Team Edition could provide more insight into college coach activity, offer better college database access and highlight how your athletes use their profiles and interact with college coaches.
Here’s what the new Team Edition navigation menu features:

  • Dashboard: Your new home base for Team Edition. Here, you can see which colleges are actively recruiting in your sport, track athlete activity in real-time and keep up with important recruiting dates.
  • Activity: Monitor your athletes’ profiles and their interaction with college coaches in one place.
  • Colleges: Search our database for every college and coaching staff offering your sport, as well as programs interacting with your roster.
  • Roster: Everything you need to get your athletes added to Team Edition. Learn the different methods for creating teams, inviting athletes, managing staff access and more.
  • Resources: Your source for recruiting information, NCSA profile assistance, FAQs and more.
  • Fundraising: Easily create and manage an online fundraising campaign for your organization.
  • Account Details: Manage upcoming payments, update organization information and more.

You’ll get access to these new features on top of these recent additions:

  • Check athlete activity on the Activity page, where you can see athletes’ last login, profile completion percentage, video upload date, number of schools favorited, number of emails sent and Athlete Type.
  • Check college coach activity on the Activity page, where you can see how college coaches are interacting with your athletes—including the date of last activity—and the number of profile views, follows and messages received.
  • The Athlete Types test, which evaluates the mental makeup of your athletes and is FREE for NCSA members.

Give the new Team Edition a try today!
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