College Field Hockey Scholarship FAQs

How important are academics in field hockey recruiting?

Most of the field hockey are great academic institutions at the Division III level. You need to earn good grades to be accepted into most schools.

How important is being on the corner squad in field hockey?

It’s good to be on the corner squad, you are good at stopping the ball, driving to the goal and posting up. If you aren’t asked to be part of the squad, stay in touch with coaches.

What is the role of the coach in field hockey recruiting?


Is it important to play club field hockey?

Playing club field hockey is beneficial. It’s a higher level of competition that can help you improve your endurance and skills. The most field hockey club teams are on the east coast.

Can I receive a full ride to play collegiate field hockey?

There are just under 300 field hockey programs. It’s a growing sport, especially on the west coast with a lot of programs currently in the Midwest and east coast.

What are the benefits of being a female collegiate athlete?

Opportunities. Playing collegiate sports teaches you time management, endurance and teamwork skills. There are great coaching opportunities and new open doors after graduating.

How do I get discovered in field hockey recruiting?


How important is video in field hockey recruiting?

Offense, defense, goals, saves, posting and transitions throughout games are important to include in your highlight video.

Why shouldn’t I submit just a skills video to college coaches?

Endurance and skills are keys for college coaches. You need to showcase both in your video.

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